Venessa Jackson’s Year So Far

For gifted South African vocalist Venessa Jackson, the year 2019 could not have started any better……her first 2 releases have not only gone a long way in reminding the world about just how talented she is but also positioned her as one of the artists to watch out for this year!
“The year 2019 has started off on a highly positive note for me and with more features, bigger brand association and overseas tours in the pipeline --- it can only get better from here on”, said an enthusiastic Venessa.

Her 2 releases so far include ‘God Given’, a song that she describes as a ‘nuclear techno warfare track’ that was produced by Yigitoglu from Istanbul and ‘Friend zone’ which was produced by Mr Mercedes and released under Murmur MusiQ.
“The single ‘God Given’ is something completely different as I have never been involved in a heavy tech production before but as I'm following its progress, it is earning me so many followers and my fan base is growing. It’s amazing how a certain genre can add a spark to your profile!
“The second track, ‘Friend zone’ was released on the 1st of February. We thought it would be a playful track to enjoy considering its Valentine’s month. The hook in the track goes, ‘Come out of the Friend Zone’, so it's the perfect track to send your crush”, she said.

These two tracks are but a teaser when it comes to what the exceptional vocalist has in store for 2019 and some of the exciting projects lined up in the coming months include Pastor Snow ft. Venessa Jackson (Pastors World), Lunar Folks ft. Venessa Jackson (4 Steps), Brewed Souls ft. Venessa Jackson (House Invitation), Hey Now Remix EP (Part 2), LUISEN MERINO ft. Venessa Jackson (Push Through), Leon El Ray ft. Venessa Jackson (Fracca).
“These songs are already recorded and it is just a matter of getting release dates. A lot more project request are coming in locally and internationally so expect more collaborations in the coming months”, said the singer/songwriter.

Apart from the music, Venessa is also planning to venture into acting and come the month of March she should have commenced with her acting classes. She believes that acting will open up more avenues for her in the entertainment business.
“I am not intending on neglecting the music. Acting will, without a doubt, open up more opportunities for my music and will definitely add value to Venessa Jackson as a brand”, she said.

Her stock is certainly on the rise and the singer/songwriter plans on taking it as far as she can, she shared with us some of her already laid out plans for 2019 and how she intends to grow her brand.
“I want to tour overseas as I have never been out of SA. I want to push as many TV appearance as I can. I also want to get involved in doing music for films and jingles/voice overs for campaigns. This year I really want to focus on making Venessa Jackson a household brand.
“I believe in order for my brand to advance I need to focus on getting more followers and a bigger fan base”, said Venessa while speaking to us from her base in South Africa.