Angel Edwards Ready to get back on the road again

Following the release of her latest single late last month (February), Nashville Tennessee based singer/songwriter, Angel Edwards is just itching to get back on the road again!
 “I spend a lot of time writing and performing in Nashville. On average, I usually perform 2-3 shows a week. I just released my second single, "T-Shirt" on February 22nd and I’m about to get back on the road again soon. Every once in a while I will also do vocal session work for a couple of studios in town. I like to keep busy”, she said.

Apart from taking her music to the people through live performances the gifted vocalist is also busy in the studio putting together her debut EP.
“Right now I'm in the process of writing and recording my first EP! I also am booking more dates on the road which will be announced soon! My immediate goal is to finish writing and recording my EP and to get back out on the road this spring/summer and in the long-term the target is releasing more music and making my mark in country music”, said Angel.

Though still relatively new to the industry, the singer already has a number of memorable moments to look back on and is definitely guaranteed to make more of those in the coming years if her talent is anything to go by.
“My journey has been a lot of hard work and sacrifice - and it still is! But I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything. Two of my favorite achievements that have happened so far is that an up-and-coming artist in Nashville decided cut one of the first songs that we wrote together. My second favorite achievement is that I was approached by NASCAR's Racehub to sing for a segment that aired on their pre-race show. It was the biggest audience that I have ever reached!”, she said.

Being able to do what she loves the most, that being music of course, is something that Angel is grateful for and hopes to carry on for decades and decades to come.
“I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Music has always been a huge part of life. I joined every single music class that my school offered and started a country band back in Ohio. About two years ago, I moved to Nashville to pursue my passions as a singer and songwriter. The first year was incredibly tough. I like to think of that year as my "preparation year". Nobody knew who I was - and almost everyone in Nashville writes and sings.
“I spent a lot of time trying to build a reputation and to find a way to set myself apart from everyone else who was doing the same thing. Through networking and having the opportunity to meet, play, and write with some of the best and most talented people I have ever met, I've been so lucky and I’m so grateful to have had so many opportunities to write, perform, and record in Nashville and on the road”, said the singer/songwriter.