Cool Some Modelling Agency, Styling Its Way to the Top

Article by Charlotte Nzapheza

As peculiar as the name of this organization might be, it is one of the most unique initiatives out there at the moment, one whose foundation and mission is distinct. Its all-inclusiveness is something that also separates it from the rest and gives it appeal.

We are talking about Cool Some Modelling Agency of course! Established by Boitumelo Khotso Matsipa with its director Motsamai "Wanda" Mkhotywa in 2015 at Bloemfontein, this unique agency was first found as a clothing brand but has over the last couple of years expanded more into the recognizable modelling agency that it is today.

The partners saw a good opportunity to help those teenagers who always had that passion of showing a little bit of their skin to the world and walking the fashion runways, a chance to do so.
"We would also love it if we could have a chance to create workshops, where we will teach our people who still believe in that ‘myth’ that modeling is another way of displaying prostitution in our country", said Wanda during a chat with Urban Craft magazine.

He continued by saying that their agency was not only focusing on fashion but also promoting values, respect, pride, unity and putting ‘quality over quantity’ first in the business industry.
“Like any other agency, ours was started with just a handful of models but expanded as the years went by. This Agency caters for everyone and that means all body types and races are allowed to join”, said the director.

Wanda said that their vision as an agency was to see their models flourishing, not just locally but on the international scene. He also took the same opportunity to give us a teaser in regards to an upcoming fashion & modelling showcase that their organization is currently putting together.
“Our goal is and has always been to be make our mark both at home and outside our own boarders eventually. On the 30th of March 2019 we're hosting an event in Phahameng, Bloemfontein which is running under the title "My style fashion show". This show will be a showcase of garments, entertainment from various artists and all designers are welcome to come and join us in this celebration”, said Wanda .

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