DL : The Year Ahead

United States rapper DL is doing relatively well for himself at the present moment. Apart from his latest single titled "COPY" (a record taken from his forthcoming project "The Buy Product" which will be released later this year), he is, among other things, also working through Triplebeam Worldwide, to produce a sequel to an earlier film that will be released late 2019 or early 2020.

Urban Craft magazine caught up with DL recently and he opened up to us about his own career, Triplebeam, current and forthcoming projects that we can all look forward to.
            “I'm from Queens, NY and I have my own company called Triplebeam
            Worldwide. We have many divisions within the company including film and
            an apparel line. I wear many hats and love what I do. I've seen
            moderate success in this industry while working diligently to accomplish
            bigger and better things I know myself and my company are capable of”, he said.

For the artist/entrepreneur, success is determined by the countless hours and effort that you put into your dreams.
 “My path has had is peaks and valleys. I can't complain but what I can say with absolute certainty is, you get out what you put in. When I've really put my head down and went hard I've seen great things happen. When I slack off and take my foot off the gas a little I definitely have seen the drop in results and progress”, said DL.

The New Yorker’s credits include ‘King Of Paper Chasin’, a film that he did a few years back, an album entitled "Notice Me", a mixtape entitled K.O.P.C which served as an unofficial soundtrack to the movie (which is also available on platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.), to mention but a few.
“I do have some noteworthy projects that I'm definitely proud of. I had a successful film entitled ‘King of Paper Chasin' that we released a few ago that did very well. In fact, we are currently working on the sequel. It will be called K.O.P.C 2: Reloaded. I also had my song "Bossman from the movie that hit the billboard charts at the time”, said DL.