Good God Father’s Rebranding Drive in Full-Swing

Following a recent rebranding drive, the artist that today goes by the moniker ‘Good God Father’ is ready to kick on and not only expand his brand but also continue to ‘educate, enrich and entertain’.
 “I'm really pushing for this year to expand our reach and develop a solid base of support for Good God Father as a brand. Long term we have very big visions for the kind of culture we want to develop. Rather than using our image to continually bolster ourselves, and our own lifestyle, but instead, we want to use our talents and abilities to build up the culture of communities that we come in contact with. To educate, enrich and entertain”, said Good God Father.

The artist concedes that he definitely has his work cut out for him in the coming months as he tries to take his brand to the people.
“Right now, I've got my work cut out for me, as I've released a full length LP called "Chronicles", that chronicles the recording work I've done previously under different names, that I am rebranding under the new Good God Father title.
“So while I'm doing what I can to move digital units there, I'm also currently at work on a new full length studio album release intended to hit the shelves this summer in time for a tour that we're currently planning.
“Aside from that we're looking at t-shirts, artwork, other published media, in tandem with what we hope to develop in to a 3 hour daily podcast”, he said.

Good God Father’s has led a colourful music career, one that began over 17 years ago and for him, still being here today creating music is all that matters!
“For me it's been great, with many different elements I've had my hands in that has made it a very broad learning curve. The most important achievement is just to keep creating, and not get bogged down by life's pressures.
“I've been a recording artists since 2002, released 2 LPs and 2 EPs under various monikers and between them all, I've moved around 3,000 units. I'm also a studio producer and engineer who's produced around 10 other full length releases for other artists locally. I've performed on stages all across the West Coast at dive bars and outdoor festivals, and shared listings with Falling Up, Skillet, Pillar, Gliss, Hawk Nelson and others”, said the musician/producer.

The artist took us down memory lane, reflecting on a number of highlights from his long career that he felt stood out and he would forever cherish.
“I guess I should start with the two LPs I released with Joshua Fire, used that brand as a catalyst to start Berean Records with those friends, and engineered the release of Liana Bumstead's debut, as well as recording work of several other artists that didn't make it to production.
“Then the opening of an independent home recording studio with Isaac Sturtevant of In My Opinion, where we engineered a number of local recording artists, which was where I would record and release two EPs of my own, Auburn-Do Not Resuscitate, and Masonic Weird-The Plague: Manic and Self Medicated”, he said.