Music : An ‘Eye Opening Experience' for Kayla Cariaga

She is the recipient of the Songwriter Universe “Best Song of the Month” contest for November, for her song “Stars Around” and continues to play a positive role in the society around by partaking in charity endeavours like the world famous “NYC Marathon”, “Singing for Superheroes” and “Sound Affects”.

For US singer/songwriter Kayla Cariaga, the journey so far has been nothing short of an ‘eye-opener’ and she is determined to carry on in the same vein while exploring the music industry.
“So far, the journey in the industry has been very eye opening. There is so much that I still need to learn, but I am very eager to complete any task. I’ve met many talented artists and have made wonderful connections along the way.
“As a self-taught musician, I’ve performed at multiple venues in New York City. As my music career continued, I began to find myself and discovered the type of music I wanted to make. Without the help of my supportive family and friends, I don’t think I’d be where I am today”, said Kayla.

Her faithful followers will be thrilled by the news that the talented young woman’s 2nd EP is set to hit record stores March 15th.
Aside from the EP which consists of 6 songs, the Los Angeles, California based singer is working on a couple of new singles slated for release in the coming months, she confirmed as much in her interview with Urban Craft magazine.

Any musician worth their salt will tell you that nothing comes close to being able to perform in front of a live audience, noting the interaction between the artist and their audience that comes with it, Kayla is no exception!
“I’d like to go on tour and make more connections along the way. I would love to interact and share my music with the world—personally. My long term goal is to become a successful Asian-American Singer/Songwriter”, said Kayla.