Persistence Pays Off for Katleho ‘Blue’ Mohlafase

For Emerging South African fashion designer Katleho ‘Blue’ Mohlafase, hard-work and patience are key if one is to realize their goals.

Her own persistence is slowly but surely beginning to pay off, if the success of her creativities is anything to go by.
“My journey has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs because I meet different people as clients and not everyone is going to want the same thing, but there's nothing that brings my heart peace like seeing a certain person wearing a garment produced by me. I've met people who are already in the industry and I believe that hard work really pays off, we won't all reach our destinations at the same pace, but patience is the most exclusive tool to equip yourself with. Therefore I look up to the likes of Gert Johan Goetzee (South African designer) as an inspiration.
“I am a very ambitious person, and I believe my life is all about giving and I'll in-turn receive from The Lord, I am proud that I saw the birth of my clothing brand which is BlueOheltak Bespoke and now I'm witnessing the growth of it”, said Katleho on the sidelines of announcing her Autumn/Winter range.

The Autumn/Winter range is just but one of the countless projects that the young lady from Johannesburg has been involved in during this period.
“Right now I'm working on introducing my Autumn/Winter Range for 2019 at Africa Fashion Alive. The event will be taking place on the 24 April to 29 April 2019, and one of the projects currently operating under my brand is "Donate a Box" whereby the community gets to be involved and donate shoe boxes, stationary and gift wrappers and me and my team will donate the "Wrapped box" to under-privileged primary learners, the project is all about giving back to the community and Miss Fashion Soweto 2018/19-Lebogang Sungululu and my Brand Ambassador, Miss Face of BlueOheltak-Kutlwano Msimango are also involved”, she said.

The designer who also happens to be the founder of the Miss Pageantry SA, feels honoured to be where she is at this stage in her career and looks forward to making her brand a household name on the global stage one day.
“What I have is an opportunity to get to showcase my range at The Brand Show, hosted by a young pageant model in Johannesburg, Kutlwano Msimango and as an upcoming designer I still want to achieve more in the industry.
“My focus remains that of growing my brand and finding more exposure. I want to share my knowledge by teaching those who are interested in taking fashion design as a career path, I want to share my skills as well. For the long term goal, I'd like to dress Miss SA and Miss Universe and of course see my brand expanding worldwide”, she said.