Tinaishe Ndavazocheva's Triumphant Start to the Year

From making the grade for the Africa Beach Volleyball Qualifiers to coming back home from the recent tournament in Mozambique with a silver medal, rising volleyball/beach volleyball player, Tinaishe Ndavazocheva could not have asked for a better way to start his year!

Buoyed by these recent triumphs, the young man has set his sights on accomplishing bigger and daring goals going forward.
 “I’ve had a great start to my year and my accomplishments so far include qualifying for Africa Beach Volleyball Qualifiers after I recently participated in Mozambique. Notably, I managed to obtain a silver medal together with a partner in the Under 21 age group. It is my fervent hope that 2019 will progress with great success for me as I will be engaging in more international tournaments. Currently in beach volleyball, we still have quite a number of tournaments to participate in and our quest is to qualify for the U21 Beach Volleyball World Cup.
“I’d like to put myself in a better position to obtain a lot of merits along the way, not forgetting the opportunities as well. By opportunities I mean playing for other major teams outside this country or getting scholarships to study abroad. Beyond this year, I wish to continue as an outstanding player in volleyball and the good thing is I can also play any position the coaches wish me to play to achieve the team goal (Opposite, Middle and Setter). In as far as beach volleyball is concerned, I’m working on enlisting a partner in countries like USA, Brazil and Australia where beach volleyball is mostly played, and to also increase my sphere of influence in terms of opportunities that comes with volleyball”, said Tinaishe, who stands at an imposing 1,98metres!

Humbly enough, the 18 year old looks upon his appointment as captain of the U17 Nash National team back in 2018 as a great honour.
“Out of all that I have achieved so far, the one accomplishment that stands out the most would probably be my appointment as the Captain of U17 Nash National team which participated in Namibia 2018. This was mainly because of the degree of determination that I showed and the level of commitment that enabled me to be selected. It is noteworthy because it enriched my leadership skills in sports and at school. I have, since then, learnt the concept of team work and values of sportsmanship”, he said.


For the young man who sees sport as a ‘way out’, volleyball is no doubt proving to be the ‘foundation’ for his future that he always dreamt that it would be.
“I can safely admit that playing volleyball is a gift which I realised and one that I was brought into this world while firmly clutching with my two hands. It all started when I was doing my primary school education with my height being an added advantage to my early success and progression as a junior volleyball player. Right from that period instinctively everything began to progress well as I also applied much effort, hoping one day I would be scouted by Churchill School, a unique school with specialist coaches that develop athletes to achieve greatness in their sporting codes. So my trainers and those who surrounded me were all a pillar of strength.
“I can say the deftness of my skills increased by a considerable amount and made it easy for me to be selected into the Zimbabwe national team together with my height which is rather to my advantage. As a Christian I can safely say that it’s by God's grace that I’ve made it thus far, his praises are due and so are those of my beloved mom, a special thanks goes out to her and all my family members”, said Tinaishe.