Valentine Alvares Tackles Plight of Refugees

The plight of refugees is a universal one, one that is dear to many folks across the globe because it is a topic that affects us all, directly or indirectly.

Togolese singing sensation,Valentine Alvares is one such person and she tackles this very same issue in her latest single with the hope being that the song will open a lot of people’s heart and minds in as far the plight of refugees is concerned.

Aptly titled ‘Refugees’, the studio single officially came out onto the market at the end of February even though Valentine had already been sampling the song on stage for her faithful followers since September 2018.

”The song tells the story of a young man who leaves his family and his native village in Africa, crosses the desert then the Mediterranean sea, encounters all manner of dangers, all just so he could get to what he believes to be the ‘promised land’.
“This human tragedy is happening before our eyes without us reacting enough. In Europe, migration and refugees are a major problem but it seems our own folks back home in Africa don’t seem to care”, said the singer.

The underlying call in the song is for all of us to do what we can to make sure that the rights of refugees are not trampled upon and also look into how we can curb the increase in refugees stats.
“The chorus of this song goes: "we are all refugees" which implies that potentially, in our African countries that are sometimes fragile and have a hard time protecting their own, a political problem, climate or any war can put all of us on the road or in camps, giving up everything we have.
“Let's take conscience and protect those who have made the choice to exile before it happens to us”, said Valentine.

Having established herself in the entertainment industry over these last few years, the gifted singer feels that it is only right that she uses her voice and any available platform made available to her to speak up and on issues that affect the majority of people everwhere around the globe.
“Now that I have made a name for myself in this industry I realize the power that words have and how, as an opinion leader, I need to package the right messages in my songs. I am at a stage in my career where I would like to be useful, to serve as something other than just being an entertainment without depth. ‘Refugees’, the single, came as a result of this inspiration. I am a voice bearer and I need to make sure I’m heard”, she said.

Apart from the single, the Togolese musician said that her hope was to tour more across Africa and the globe. She also confirmed that work on her second album was going well and that it should be ready by year end.
“I would like to go on tour, perform in Zimbabwe and all over Africa, I'm getting ready for that. Even though the economic reality of live tours is not yet in my favor, being on stage and singing directly to the public with my band, that's what I do best. On the other hand I plan to finalize my second album which should be ready for the market by November this year”, said Alvares.