Helena Del Pilar Has A Lot More to Give!

Renowned Colombian singer/songwriter Helena Del Pilar says the release of her latest video ‘Hace Tiempo’ is just but the beginning of what she hopes will be an exciting period ahead in her music career.

The singer is targeting more music collaborations and releases, tours around the world and of course finding new ways of improving her sound as an artist!
“My latest release is ‘Hace Tiempo’ and it is taken from an album that bears this same name. Given the reception that the song has received over the last couple of months, it only felt right for us to put together a visual package for our amazing fans as a ‘thank you’ for their undying support.
“It is a song that evokes the strength and faith that we all have in a Higher Being, and the personal experience, of the path that we all started at some point, and many of us do not know how to walk it ...! It's a Reflective theme and a profound one as well. I just felt that this song was necessary especially in this present moment where we are living in a world that is more and more, devoid of consciousness”, said Helena, while speaking to Urban Craft in the aftermath of her latest release.

In as far as the next couple of months are concerned, Helena was happy to share with us some of the exciting plans and projects in the pipeline.
“We are currently working on other new homages to great artists, and other countries. In addition to that, there’s a variety of new topics as well that we’ve been exploring that will be ready for publishing very soon!
“There’s a lot that I have planned in the months to come but as of now all I can give are teasers. I look forward to travelling the globe and exploring as many new territories as I can and also making sure I get a taste of the various cultures and music tastes. I definitely have a so much more to give to the fans these coming months”, said the singer/songwriter.