Mathapelo Goes the Extra Mile

She describes herself as self-driven, extraordinary and someone who is always willing to go the extra mile for what she wants. These are attributes that aspiring South African model Mathapelo Audrey Senyolo hopes will go a long way in making sure she succeeds at anything that she puts her mind to!
“I am self-driven, a go-getter, a dedicated smart young lady. I am extraordinary and I always go that extra mile‬ when it comes to anything that I’m passionate about”, said Mathapelo.

The Johannesburg beauty is not only exploring the modelling and fashion world alone but is also pretty much invested in her studies as well. She is currently a first year student at the University of South Africa (UNISA).
“I am at this present moment studying towards a Tourism Management degree with UNISA‬. I want to pass my first year with flying colours and at the same time keep exploring and gaining as much experience as I can in as far as the modelling side is concerned”, she said.

Personal growth aside, Audrey said that she would like nothing more than to take her modelling career as far as she possibly could.‬ She shared with us some of her goals…….
“I would like to one day be the ‘Face of Africa’, it is such a prestigious honour and title. In the meantime my focus is on doing as much as I can in terms of growing my brand and that includes as many magazine covers, fashion/runway shows, adverts and ambassadorial work as I can squeeze in. The Miss SA title is also on my list of targets, that’s for sure!
“I also like to one day be a leading example to the youths in my own country and beyond, I hope I can inspire them to go out there and do amazing things. Since I am already studying travel and tourism, I’m sure I will find a little bit easier to make headway in that sector, as well as find a way for it to co-exist with my modelling career”, said the 22 year old.