Yungblac : Taking Career to New Heights

For upcoming South African producer Idris Buthelezi aka YungBlac, all signs are pointing towards this being the year that he takes his craft to the next level.

Speaking to Urban Craft magazine, the young man was in as buoyant a mood as one could be!
 “This year I'm working on a joint project with Phunu-nizer (executive producer is YungBlac) and planning to push it for a couple of months. This year I'll be adding a new feature in my company's services. We have already released a single titled 'Valentiiin3' from our upcoming project 'TRIOF' and it is receiving all the love it needs. I have also sent work to artists (can't say them) but this year I'm taking my production to a new level”, said ‘YungBlac, as he is known to his faithful followers.
Apart from making hits, the producer said that he hoped that he could one day be in a better position to also give back to his community.
“My goals are basically to generate enough income to build a professional studio for myself and create more hits and to one day build a stable company that will create jobs for people in my community and make sure it lasts forever. I'm going to take it step by step and I hope I'll get all the support I need from those around me”, he said.

Being able to finally be making headway in his chosen profession is something that YungBlac looks upon with pride and a sense of satisfaction. For him, this is a journey that started a little over 4 years ago and one that continues to open up more and more avenues for his career.
“It was back in 2015 that I was introduced to FL Studio by my friend and Team Shaolin (produced for L-tido, 2Lee Stark, Anzo, Payseen, Raw X and etc) and I never looked back since then. I became interested in making beats, downloaded videos, practiced with my friend and always went to Team Shaolin for help. By 2017, the late Brenda Fassie's manager wanted to sign us but a lot of consequences came with that so we had to leave the deal”, said the 17 year old who now heads a company called Brokeboyz Media.

His short career has already seen him work with some of South Africa’s recognizable talents, festivals and respected brands…… a trend that the young man hopes will continue for years and years to come.
 “In terms of production I've worked with the likes of Team Shaolin, 171 Motel, Upper SQD, Killer Spark, Czwe Thee MC, Njbusy, to mention but a few. As a marketing director I've worked with great events like New Wave Festival, Vintage Picnics Festival and stations like Vow FM. I also released 2 beat tapes (one named Flower Shop V.1 & the other BABY FACE”, he said.