Amanda McCarthy : Taking Her Career to New Heights

Gifted US singer/songwriter, Amanda McCarthy, has done reasonably well for herself since she burst onto the music scene, from sharing the stage with some of the best names in the business to winning songwriting competitions, she is no doubt an emerging star!
But while she has slowly but surely been building a name for herself locally, she strongly feels that now is the time to take her talent to new heights. For the musician, that means being able to be recognized on a national level as opposed to a local one.
"I'm on a very steady path of doing well locally, but I know there's more for me at the next level up. I'm ready to chase it, but I'm not sure how. I'd love to say I can do it alone, because I'm a very independent person, but the reality in this business is that you need a team to start jumping levels. So that's what I'm trying to work on right now.
"My long term goals definitely involve remaining a full time musician, but on a national level rather than a local level, and as my own original artist entity, as opposed to right now where most of my money comes from being hired to play at small establishments entertaining their customers. When I'm given the opportunity to be in front of a large crowd... that crowd is mine. I'm able to get their attention and bring them in, they really feel what I'm conveying just by being myself and showing them my music. I would love to be able to do that more often, because the feeling is absolutely magical", she said.

The singer/songwriter has also firmly set her sights on developing her songwriting career.
"I also hope to be able to develop a career as a professional songwriter. "I write a lot of songs that don't necessarily fit my sound where I would release them myself, but I'd still love for them to be heard if others artists with a more appropriate sound would be interested in recording them. I've done a little bit of this on the local level and there's something really cool about hearing another artists perform your words as if they were their own, but knowing it's still your words moving both the artist and the audience. It's a really different, really cool feeling", said McCarthy.

With three EPs to her name already and a bunch of singles to be proud of, Amanda is looking forward to revealing some of the recent projects that she has been working on.
"I have been recording new music with a producer who has worked with some major names like Garth Brooks, Rachel Platten, Andy Grammer and Guster, as well as networks like ABC and MTV. I hope to be releasing some of this new music soon... that's all I can say about that right now.
"I have something in the works that I can't go into details about yet, partly because of technicalities, and partly because I'm not entirely sure what's going to come of it. But if my angels are looking out for me, I can promise it will be something great. Keep your fingers crossed for me!", said Amanda.

McCarthy began her music career at the age of 14 when she started branching out of her hometown and performing in various competitions and events. After all these years the musician feels that she is finally in a place where she is 'comfortable' in terms of her sound.
"I was still singing to karaoke tracks, and usually sang country or Broadway songs. When I was 15, I picked up the guitar and started writing my own music. I went through three very distinct phases of genre - my country phase, my pop phase, and my rock phase - and I finally feel very comfortable with my current style which blends influences from all three genres.
"I eventually found my way into larger events and paid gigs once I released my first EP in 2014, which I funded entirely from a job at Burger King, and I've been a full time musician for the last 3 years. I'm very active in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, moderately active in the rest of New England, and have just recently started the next step of trying to make a name for myself in Nashville, TN", she said.

Amanda credits her song "Elephant in the Room" as being the stimulus that her career needed, the song definitely did wonders for her career.
"The turning point in my career was definitely when I wrote my song Elephant in the Room. I started performing it for the first time in 2014 and it has easily been the fan-favorite since then. It really helped show me the direction that I wanted my music to move in, even if I didn't fully have a grasp on it yet. It was also the song that started really making people take notice of me.
"Along with it being a fan favorite, it's been the winner of several song-writing competitions, gotten radio play on several stations, got me hooked up with a major entertainment PR firm", she said.

The song opened up plenty more doors for the songstress, it even managed to make into the first round of the Grammy's in 2016 (The round that takes place before the publicly announced nominees).
"The acoustic versions of "Elephant in the Room" and another song of mine, "Bad News" were on the ballot for Best American Roots Performance. I get really self conscious when people think I was nominated for like, the REAL official round of the Grammy's, so I try to make it really clear that it was the round right before that! Another award that I am really proud of was being named the recipient of Cornell University's Emerging Artist Award last year.
"I've opened for a few artists I really admire - Hunter Hayes, Jason Lancaster (from Mayday Parade), SayWeCanFly and Hawthorne Heights - and I've had the opportunity to be on side stages for much bigger acts like Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith), Train, Natasha Bedingfield, Styx, REO Speedwagon and more. The side stages may not be as "real" but still have been amazing opportunities for getting myself into larger venues, and in front of larger audiences that have helped me gain new genuine fans", she said

McCarthy also made special mention of her band members, whom she said have made it a whole lot easier for her to continue doing what she does.
"I do have some amazing dedicated band members (Mark McCarthy, Kristian Veech, Tom Shubsda) - it's been easier to operate under my own solo entity.
"I'm so grateful for their help, because with my schedule as a musician and as a parent to a three year old girl, it can be very overwhelming to keep up with myself!", said the singer/songwriter.