Bourbon House's 'Wild Abandon' Ready for the Market

Wisconsin rock band, Bourbon House is hoping that their brand new album will go a long way in strengthening the bond between them and their fans.
Titled 'Wild Abandon" the album is set to hit the market this August.
"Our primary focus is on releasing our new album, WILD ABANDON, promoting it and playing awesome shows. On August 10, 2018, it will be available for purchase and streaming on all platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Deezer, etc. Pre-sales are available right now on Amazon and iTunes.
"With our goal being to connect better with fans, we are convinced that this new album will go a long way in helping make all this possible"

Founded back in 2013 by Lacey and Jason, the band started off playing acoustic cover shows, mostly rock and blues, in bars around Central Wisconsin. The group sees their jpurney so far as one of self-discovery.
"We didn't start writing originals until the following year. That first song never made it onto any albums because, honestly, it sucked. But we got better at it. We didn't record our first album until 2017, but we're glad we did it that way. We needed to discover ourselves as songwriters and hone in on our style and sound. And a year later, this year, we recorded our second album"

The band sees their first musical project as being an important chapter in their story as it provided a "better sense of direction and musical identity".
"I don't think we fully realized we were going to make music as a career until our EP was well received. Our first single from the album "Music in Your Bones" received a lot of attention for a little indie band that didn't even have a full performing band together at the time. That song, along with 5 other songs from that album, was played on several radio stations around the world. Industry professionals started asking to feature us and interview us.
"We always wanted to make music and felt that we had to do it at least for ourselves, but that attention and positive feedback really encouraged us to write and record more songs with a better sense of direction and musical identity. The industry today is different than it used to be. It might be better. Fans exist for every genre of music, and there are enough of them to make a career out of it. It's much easier to reach those people now. We're gaining one fan at a time, and we love every one of them"

Bourbon House derives major influence from retro sounds, especially 70s hard rock and groove. They gave us a behind-the-scenes look into how they come up with their musical gems...
"For us, songwriting begins in the living room with an acoustic guitar. Usually, Jason will come up with a groovy guitar riff and Lacey tries to sing something over it, without having any clear direction of what the song should be about. Lacey doesn't have an agenda in her lyrics, she just lets the mood of the guitar hit her and slap the words out. "Then we take it to the band and it changes a million times until we've written something we're proud of. We're inspired by many different styles of music because we are music lovers and our interests are eclectic. But as a band, we love writing songs with a retro sound. Think 70's hard rock and groove. There are a lot of new bands out there doing something similar, throwing back to a classic rock sound, so that's encouraging"


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