WHAT IS BLACK BOLD WISE BEAUTIFUL (BBWB)? Black Bold Wise beautiful was created and founded in September 2016 by Sesaphi Lesedi Lup...


Black Bold Wise beautiful was created and founded in September 2016 by Sesaphi Lesedi Luphondo at the age of 13. Its purpose is to embrace roots, culture, reinforce diversity, to create the change that we want to see in our Africa. In the act of being unapologetically Black and African. Below, the inspirational South African teen gives us an in-depth look at the organization that she founded............


It was not only recently that I began to realize that the world had silenced the voices of Africa, Africans themselves were not interested in hearing their ancestors words or following in their footsteps and thus is all due to the takeover and influence of western cultures. The people of Africa never got the opportunity to be heard, the world had never been interested, and refused to envision the black person’s perspective in society. Resulting in the lack of knowledge that we have about our own continent, Azania.

We don’t go into depth when learning about the historical events that occurred. We do not give enough recognition to the fighters that never settled, the leaders that helped to generate and build the continent from the ground, up. We don’t embrace the African traditions, customs, cultures, morals and behaviors. We do not look into the lifestyles of Africans because we live in a universe that is dominated by western culture, a universe that brainwashes Africans into thinking what is ‘right’ - slowly handing over the title of being a “wanna be” by simply dismissing and encouraging us to do away with our true identity and rather follow what is believed to be true and correct in this broken society we live in.

Not much thought was put into wanting to create a platform that would do away with all the oppression and addressing the issues that we face – or promoting African unity because if Azania wants to conquer the world we need to start at the root by ensuring that we support our brothers and sisters, restore our own Ubuntu.

So eventually I decided to create a platform that would inspire Africans to be proud and to continue inspiring the acts of being unapologetically African by letting their melanin glow underneath the African designed patterns while their crowns rest with power, rich in nutrients to ensure that the Afro is maintained. Which are, of course symbols that truly define us, as Africans.

Black Bold Wise Beautiful (BBWB) is a platform that encourages African youth to formulate opinions and take part in various discussion boards that generate ideas for the future, commemorating the history of Africans, giving the opportunity to share ideas  and address current affairs and solutions to the  problems that we currently face. Creating the change is a huge part of BBWB because as much as we love hearing your insight, we need to create the change by taking part and showing our involvement in the community by engaging and helping out wherever we can.

To create a whole new decolonized world that is in favour of Africans, ensuring that the voices of our people are heard, by continuing with their legacy we are commemorating their bravery, strength and struggles of hardship which they tremendously faced due to invasion of white settlers and the come-about of racial segregation. They did all in their willpower to fight the injustices as the oppressors tried so hard to erase their blackness and deny them in society simply because of the colour of their skin, but our Africans continued wearing the black badge on their skin with pride and dignity.

By Celebrating African traditions, cultures, the heroes that stood before us, learning about our own continent before the people that took our Africa away from us (colonizers) we will create more African Heroes, and only then will we truly conquer and prosper in a decolonized Azania far away from the Eurocentric beliefs and ‘system’.


To encourage young South Africans to keep up the fight against the injustices our people face such as the demand for land, access to capital, free sanitary towels, completely free decolonized Afrocentric education and access to basic services and healthcare. To also commemorate the contributions made to uplift Africa. Open discussions about gender inequality, racism, colorism, evolution of politics, current politics, the black Conscious movement, and African conscious movement. In order to carry out the change, by means of placing one’s self in another one’s shoes and experiencing the different lifestyles, by means of  engagement with the community and mobilizing to reinforce diversity, restoring Ubuntu, in the act of all of it being done unapologetically.

Effective ways in which BBWB can achieve its goal to create the change and restore Ubuntu in the process.
-Raise awareness and address social issues within the black community, by means of creating open discussions and expanding the platform.
- Envision a black mindset for the future development of Africa and soon the world.
-Commemorate and contribute to the efforts of our fallen African comrades.
-Voice the opinions of those who have been silenced due to western bypasses.
-Have constructive discussions on social aspects within the nation and find solutions.
- Broaden the B.B.W.B platform on a global sector.
-Expand and acknowledge the information of African history.
Host events that allow Africans to voice themselves. Also allowing people of various ages races and backgrounds to attend and be educated.
To do community service and donate.

Black Bold Wise Beautiful strongly calls the youth to action in today’s society and its ongoing problems because we feel as though the older generations have lost faith in the youth and create all these stereotypes of the younger generations. By breaking these stereotypes we as youth need to enhance our creativity, by being innovative and resilient to tackle the challenges that we face as a continent. In the process of doing so we aim to promote unity and diversely in our generation.

Reason being why we encourage and promote youth to engage is because we want not only to break the stereotypes but to secure the future of our country socially, politically, and economically and that’s where we go wrong because the voices of youth are not heard even though we are fresh and bring new ideas to the table and sooner or later we have to prove to the older generations that we are capable of  moving the country forward, we have to prove to them that we can live and continue on the legacies that were left behind, by using our past knowledge and applying it to new circumstances we are capable to leave behind an empowering legacy, one of which will never die, only multiple

We are a united front, we stand together in times of injustice to rebel and fight against our oppressors. We are one from different cultural backgrounds, different ethnic groups where there might be a vague amount of conflict, but we still manage to recognize how beautiful our differences can be from our variety of languages and ethnic groups we manage to accept one another. At the end of the day we can acknowledge, come together and celebrate the fact that your mother is my mother, my mother is your mother and we eat out of the same plate, because you are my brother, my sister, and we are one. That is Ubuntu the act of showing humility towards one another regardless of their background or upbringing. Ubuntu shows a sense of acceptance into ones heart and helping a fellow companion, in times of need. Ubuntu is the giving of yourself to another it correlates with Ukuhlonipha which is respect. These days it is no longer one sided in our modern Africa, one has to earn another’s respect in return for their respect. In African culture the youth is entitled to respect their elders and do as they are told with no question. The act of being unapologetically black is defined as wearing the black badge on your skin with pride and dignity. Black Bold Wise Beautiful aims to grow and face the challenges and issues with all pride, dignity and resilience but to never dismiss what is evident and what makes us who were are. Which is black. They should be able to justify this unapologetically.

Africans were taught to look to up to Eurocentric beauty or the typical black American who were a close representative yet far from being African they were rather next in line shortly after European beauty. As we enter a 21st century world, where Africans are slowly being introduced to the rest of humanity, others are learning about our culture but some stealing our identity and selling it off as theirs such as our hairstyles and clothing.

They steal our persona yet all this time they’ve been telling our people that are not beautiful enough they tried to break us and damage us, by telling us we are not pretty enough or close to being white, they striped us off our identity by selling skin lighting creams, by placing chemicals in our wiry knotty rich hair so it could be as straight as a ruled off pencil line. Speaking of the pencil, remember the pencil test, where a pencil was placed in the roots of our hair determining the race group you belonged to during the apartheid era.

We never saw ourselves being represented on media because society made it clear that we didn’t belong but slowly we’re moving up that chain because we’ve learnt to see the true beauty in a black person’s perspective. We’ve learnt to accept sun-kissed beauty, the rich knotty kaffir hair which may not grow to be luxurious and long. But our afros resemble power and strength and belonging like the black woman, not easy to maintain and you can’t just let your finger run through her easily. You can’t walk over the black society and get away with it, we fight. The black women’s curves could redefine this earth with its curvy shape they see the black woman as Pluto when deep down she is the sun. Her thick thighs save lives. Now this is Beauty.


“From cape to Cairo then Morocco to Madagascar, Azania”
There are still parts of the motherland that have not been given back to the native Africans and parts of these areas of land have great meaning to the people as it is their past ancestral lands which had been stolen and taken away from them, because of this, today it leaves the Africans hunting on a voyage to take back their prized possession which they had lost to the whites. Losing the home in which they grew up in or an area which tells them about their past was as if they’d lost a sense of themselves such as their culture, heritage and traditions that have been passed down from the generations before them. These aspects are key to embracing our blackness as Africans because if we have a sense of our origin then they would be an insurance that the rich cultures don’t die. I-Azania yethu is not being given the credit that we deserve. We being the cradle of human kind have distributed majority of our resources that we don’t have enough for amongst ourselves to help our people, instead we went out and shared globally before ensuring that our Africa had just enough to survive on. Africa is not controlled by Africans instead it’s a company whereby the face is black but is run by whites.

We as Africans need to unite and move I-Azania yethu forward. A united front being inclusive with other African continents celebrating our roots culture and reinforcing diversity in the act of being unapologetically Black. To fight for decolonization in education, free decolonized Afrocentric education, free basic health care, land distribution, free sanitary towels, free female condoms, and more youth in politics and in parliament. Commemorating fallen heroes, giving heroes true credit that they deserve. Employment rate increase, promoting equality, justice and free fair trial. Promoting human rights, protecting human rights, free textbooks all in a democratic governance. Free data, youth platforms, and female empowerment platforms.

We’ve entered a transition where we are more aware and conscious about the issues that we face and the change that we’d like to see. We as Africans must unite and do so. May the legacy continue, grow and prosper. I AM BLACK BOLD WISE BEAUTIFUL.



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