Michele Mupo Has That 'Magic Touch'

According to a quote from recording artist, David Angel, "Michele Mupo aka ‘Fuchsia’ is a female version of Clive Davis. Anyone she works with becomes extremely successful". 
This, alone, lets you know just how amazingly talented she is, the professional approach to her craft that she takes--- while at the same time showcasing the ‘magic touch’ that she possesses. But just who is Michelle Mupo?

Michele Mupo aka ‘Fuchsia’ is a professional singer/songwriter who has been a regular in rock bands all her life. After being a dancer on Club MTV she was a ghost writer with several National Recording Artists with multiple Top Ten hits.

 Fuchsia has a production deal with and is endorsed by Cool Music Incorporated. In addition to music, Fuchsia has been an extra on several TV series and movies, including Soap Dish. Basic Instinct, What We Do and in production with Clive Ungars Madam X, along with several Commercials she then hosted the Internet radio show Fuchsia and Friends with Joy Giovanni as a co host, a 2hr program once a week with over 100,000 listeners.

 Fuchsia had her own entertainment company, Mutan Entertainment, with former WWE Diva Dawn Maria, Bernard Purdie (the world's most recorded drummer), and Carlene Tanner that had several rap acts such as Mumm Ra, Big City, Session, Tony Hustle which is still is predominantly selling singles and touring.

Presently, Michele, along with Dawn Marie,(under MUDA Multimedia Entertainment LLC), are writing an
adult-oriented sitcom, producing and writing Hit Song, developing a magazine, and books celebrity talent. Michele is also interested in photography which will be incorporated in the show and magazine. Look out for it!!! 

Having been in the industry for such a long time, the New Jersey-based singer/songwriter has learnt a few lessons along the way, some of which she was not at all shy about sharing.
"The turning point for me was January 18th 2011, the day on which I was assaulted and because of that I am disabled. I realized that in the entertainment Industry the people you think are your friends are only your friends when you’re on top”, she said.

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